STAR PE 1020 BR BF Masterbatch designed for Polyethylene Breathable film application and contains 70% CaCO3.


• High WVTR (Water Vapor Transmission Rate)
• High stretchability
• Improving weldability and printability
• Improving mechanical strength
• Improving bubble stability
• Reduction of white colour masterbatch

• Diaper
• Napkin
• Sanitary napkin
• Roofing membrane
• Car protective cover

STAR PE 1020 BR BF developed according to latest blown type extruders and has excellent dispersion with high stretchability.

Our quality department ensures control of raw materials and production process. Star PE grades produced with high quality virgin polymers and additives of known chemical brands as well as one of the world’s purest calcium carbonate.

All tests are carried out in our own laboratory on the modern equipment in accordance with the international standards.